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size: M/L/XL M:着丈 69cm 身幅 58cm 肩巾 54cm 袖丈 24cm L:着丈 73cm 身幅 63cm 肩巾 57cm 袖丈 25cm XL:着丈 77cm 身幅 68cm 肩巾 61cm 袖丈 27cm 袖が長めの柔らかい Tシャツです。 バック首下にオリジナルタグ付き。 持ってた棒がすごく伸びたデザイン。 視界がぐんと広くなると楽しくも少しこわい。 size: M/L/XL M: Length 69cm, Body width 58cm, Shoulder width 54cm, Sleeve length 24cm L: Length 73cm, Body width 63cm, Shoulder width 57cm, Sleeve length 25cm XL: Length 77cm, Body width 68cm, Shoulder width 61cm, Sleeve length 27cm This is a soft t-shirt with long sleeves. It has an original tag on the back under the neck. The design of the stick I had was very elongated. It's fun and a little scary when your vision becomes much wider.

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